30 October 2009

Big Year, Big Adventures

In an effort to STILL get all caught up, I finally got most of the pictures from October onto the new computer! BUT we still have pictures from the last part of the month on the camera that haven't even made it to the computer yet. So...here are a few from the first of the month. Since Aiden is a whole big year old, he figure he should be having big adventures as well. The fire station had an open house during fire safety week and I thought Aiden would like go since almost every time we go to the commissary the fire truck is there and we have to stop and look! The firefighters are always in the store though, so we never get to see inside. At the open house, the trucks had their doors open and we were free to climb up and explore. Daddy explained to Aiden that the yellow trucks are best, so having his picture taken in the big yellow truck was a must. We also got some goodies and saw the talking fire hydrant...who Aiden was intrigued by but kept his distance from. Here are some pictures from Aiden's first visit to the fire station:

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