31 August 2010

Sour Patch Kid

I love this kid dearly...
But let me tell you...I’ve said it before and I guarantee I’ll say it again...he is totally a sour patch kid! First he’s sour, then he’s sweet. If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out this commercial first...

Now, exhibit A:
See what I mean...SOUR. Totally sour. And this is just only one example. He wanted to play with the camera and I told him that wasn’t ok but if he wanted me to take his picture I gladly would. His response? “NO!” But I  took it anyway which lead to the above melt down.
So onto exhibit B:
This would be shortly after exhibit A was taken. He put his pj’s on and wanted to cuddle on the couch with the dogs before bed. So SWEET. Especially when he usually only climbs up on to the couch to body slam them and irritate them! When we started seeing those Sour Patch Kid candy commercials I thought of Aiden right away but I must admit, he does have more sweet moments than sour moments. And again, I do love him dearly whether he’s being sour or sweet!


26 August 2010

Mid-Week Rewind

Scrub a dub-dub

My squeaky clean little guy fresh outta the tub

23 August 2010

Dreaming of a Droid

He drives...we ride, that’s just how we roll! lol  When we travel there usually aren’t too many places that we go (especially new ones!) that I do the driving because well, there isn’t a whole lot of traveling that doesn’t happen as a family anyway and he prefers to drive. But recently, little man and I were on our own and Adam was sure to equip me with printed google directions, a friends borrowed gps and even a good ol’ atlas. Funny thing is, the truck has the convenient built-in navigation but we don’t use it for travel so we’re always looking for alternate ways to get around in the Tahoe when we don’t know where we’re going! (I tell ya people, we're living like cavemen here!!) When we returned from our trip, Adam ask if I had liked having the friend’s gps because he wanted to look into getting one. It was nice to have, I didn’t get as much out of it as I probably would have because I didn’t want to change a bunch of settings since it didn’t belong to us. But it was nice to have as back up to the printed directions...so he started looking around and found that any of the ones he would consider buying would all be around $300-$400. Well, if we're going to spend that much on just a gps, why not spend about $200 more and go for an iPad which would give us gps plus so much more and would replace our laptop (which we’re considering doing near-future anyway) all at the same time! But, like usual he’s not ready to go all out and I’m don’t want to settle on just the gps (at least not at his price!) - - But like usual, we’ve found another compromise! So now I’m dreaming of a smartphone. The Droid X, actually!
Ain’t it a beauty??
If I actually get one of these, I might not get anything else done during the day...at least not for a while. And isn’t my hubby the sweetest...I know he’d love to have a new phone too but his line isn't eligible 'til next July and knows its dumb to pay the full cost of a phone so he said he’d suck it up and just let me get one and he'll possibly start using the one I have now! I know, I know go ahead....”Awww....” 
What gets even better is this...

There’s a car mount for it just like the navigation systems have! And while its docked it charges the phone so that it doesn’t use up all the battery while running the gps! Suh-weet! Are you seeing now why I’m totally excited about this?! I thought so...  But until I actually have the thing in my hands I’m trying to control myself.  Adam has softball tonight so I’m pretty certain we won’t be making a trip to get it tonight but maybe sometime this week if I’m lucky! I’m trying to have patience but its so terribly hard...I would have loved to have a smartphone long ago but there was really no reason for it. But now that he’s made a reason...he’ll have to work really hard to convince me that I DON’T need it again!!


19 August 2010

Mid-Week Rewind

Here’s a look back at some of the fun we had in June at O-Day put on by the hospital at Fort Leonard Wood. Adam volunteered to sit in the dunk tank and to no surprise he was sitting there heckling people when Aiden and I got there.  Aiden didn’t know what to think, but after he saw a few other people trying to dunk daddy he wanted in on the fun.  With mommy’s help he had no problem sinking daddy right into the tank!
Splash! I think it’s safe to say that daddy got dunked a few other times by a few other people that day! But he did take a break for a while to have lunch with us and help Aiden with his first pony ride.

They had lots of other fun stuff to do that day like a rock climbing wall, face painting, inflatable castle and slide, raffle prizes, a snow cone station and our favorite, the cotton candy machine!

We had a great time and would have stayed longer but Aiden was without a nap and it was getting pretty hot so we headed for home while daddy finished up helping with the dunk tank. If only there were more days that we could hang out with daddy at work and do fun stuff!

18 August 2010

Sharing a Roof

We’re all back and sharing the same roof again. As wonderful as it was to get away, it’s even more wonderful to be back together. In the last week and a half, Aiden and I have been to Northern Wisconsin and Illinois and Adam has been to Virginia and Washington D.C. and back! I’m working on getting pictures ready to share but until then...

Happy Wednesday! I'll be back tomorrow with a Thursday Throwback...

05 August 2010

Thursday Throwback

4 years ago on the first of July...
This time 4 years ago, we were newlyweds of a month. Look how happy we were and look at all that hair he had!! LOL! The mister and I just celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary. So much has happened in 4 years and it just doesn’t seem like its been that long but what a ride! In the last 4 years we’ve endured 4 moves, a deployment and our first baby...just to list the big stuff! That’s not including all the other ups and downs we’ve shared.  This year we spent our anniversary in Saint James, Mo.
We had a nice dinner at Sybill’s and spent the rest of the night relaxing in the jacuzzi tub of our hotel room with wine for me and a baseball game on for him.
The next morning we made our way to Stanton, Mo and the Meramec Caverns to try out the Caveman Zipline.
There were 4 zips and 3 rope bridges, the fastest zip being 50 mph. We wanted to do a zipline tour in Hawaii while we were there for our honeymoon but it didn’t work out with our other plans, but this was a good beginner course for me. Having done some rappelling before, it wasn't quite as exciting for Adam. But now I’m ready to go bigger and better next time. (I’ve already looked and Alaska has a couple to choose from!)
I also got a bouquet of our symbolic orange lilly’s...
I can’t wait to see what year 5 brings us!!
P.S. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow...I love you Papabear!

04 August 2010

Headbands + Love

A couple weeks ago I ordered two headbands from the amazing ladies at loop dee lou. 

Here’s what I ordered:
And I love them! They’re simple but fun all at the same time. It’s taken me some getting used to wearing them because I stepped outside my comfort zone getting them but the more things I find to wear them with the more I like wearing them!  Both of them are handmade and the blue and green one comes apart so I can clip the flower in my hair without wearing the whole headband! They're hand made and were reasonable in price. Since they're all one of a kind, they no longer have these two but they still have other super fun headbands (both soft and hard!) left for sale on their website. If you're interested go there & check it out...if not well then just check me out wearin' one of my new headbands!

And then there’s these two and their big day coming up this weekend!
 +  = 

And we’ll be there! I’m excited to see them both and to share such a special day with them. Adam won’t be able to make it, so I will be taking Aiden. Yes, I realize that means 22 hours in three days in the car with an almost 2 year old ALL.BY.MYSELF and No, it doesn’t thrill me, but once its all said and done it will be worth it.  I guess its good practice incase I have to travel alone with the little man during the upcoming move to Alaska! I’ve not been thrilled with the fact that he’s become so interested in the t.v. lately but at least now the dvd player comes in handy during trips! I’m so thrilled to see all of Lindsey and her families hard work over the last couple months come together, I expect nothing but a beautiful afternoon!  Pictures to follow! 
And heart felt CONGRATS to you love birds...may your day be happy and your years to come be happier!


02 August 2010

Little Artist

Staples at this time of year makes me giddy! Even the isles of Target and Walmart excite me, but why you ask? It’s back to school time, of course!  I love fresh new art supplies and the endless organization options! When I was teaching I would walk up and down the isles looking for ways to improve my classroom, even if I didn’t get anything. I just can’t resist.  This year I added a few new things to Aiden’s always growing art collection and bought him some water colors and markers. We got some new crayons and glue sticks as well as I am sure they’ll come in handy. Here’s the little artist making his first water color creation with the new paints...
I also got myself a new red three ring binder and some dividers that I intend to organize all my recipes in before we move. Speaking of recipes, I just tried out a new one that is already in the pile to make its way to the binder. It's a fabulous homemade ice cream recipe that I hope to share with you sometime. I forgot to get some pictures of us making it last night because my helper was just a little guy who was flinging ingredients about and I wasn't sure I could keep the camera from being goo-ed! But now I know for next time what can be done better and I'll be sure to get some pictures next time!