29 September 2010

Birthday Wishes

Today is Grandma’s Birthday!
Happy Birthday Na - Love you Much!

We wish we could spend some time with you on your special day. Know we're thinking of you - Hope its wonderful!
{Em & The boys}

28 September 2010

A handsome Preview

That’s right...here’s a preview of the favorites of little man’s 2 year pictures. Oh boy, he sure is handsome! ^

*Family: I plan on getting some prints made. I’ll try to get them to you sometime before he’s another year old. lol...it just happens so fast!!


21 September 2010

Onto Two

Little man had his 2 year check up with the doc yesterday and is lookin’ good. He’s doing good on the growth chart at almost 3 feet tall! The doc did give him a referral to see the ear, nose, throat specialist though. I’m still not satisfied with the way he breathes and she’s concerned about the way he sounds and how I say he sounds when he’s asleep. What mom wouldn’t be concerned when it sounds like her baby quits breathing in his sleep, right? So we’re just gonna get me some peace of mind (or the help he needs, if thats the case.) He also got the last shot he should need until he’s 4! He did so well, ended up with 2 stickers and a sucker, always makes me so proud.

Speaking of how big he’s getting, here’s a few pictures of the recent birthday bash....
{some of the set-up}
{Yes, he l***oves buses!}
{b-day boy checkin' out the treats at the Fuel Station}
{What a lucky little guy to have received so many wonderful gifts}
{And how lucky we all were to be surrounded by family and friends}

A big thanks to all who made Aiden feel special and helped celebrate with us for his birthday! We truly are blessed!
{And he's off to the construction site with his new bike!}


17 September 2010

Labor Day

Our Labor Day weekend was simple, yet enjoyable. we spent the weekend with good friends in Eureka, Mo.  Saturday morning we headed out for Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park.
We got everything settled to camp that evening, then headed over to 6 Flags St. Louis for the day. This was Aiden’s first time to an amusement park and he did extremely well both on the rides and waiting in line. Before heading back to the camp ground for lunch we all rode the 18 story tall ferris wheel! Aiden like usual, was fearless trying to lean out of our little cart to see all there was to see!
the gang
(minus..Lindz who was taking our pic. the little guys' heads are down in front!)
(the 2 Brave Souls who Rode the Superman)
At lunch time, we had some puppy chow...Look at that sweet, sticky little face...
Hey you! Don't touch me with those sticky fingers!
That night back at Jellystone, we had dinner and hung out around the fire. The little guys played and rode the gator and the buck around. What a fun, fun day!

And because we were busy on the actual day...here's a few pictures I did up for Labor day...
We're very proud of our soldier...the look on lilly girl's face just says "I honor you"
And as always, we remember the fallen not just on days like labor day but throughout the whole year. R.I.P Friend.
Hope you enjoyed your "end of summer" weekend as much as we did! I've already got out leaves and pumpkins around here! Wishing you a blessed Fall!
{Em & the Boys}

12 September 2010


On this day two whole years ago, we celebrated with happy hearts.
Now we’re celebrating again, although it seems to soon.
Happy Birthday Aiden.
Mommy and Daddy love you very much and are so proud of the little man you are already becoming.

08 September 2010

Droid love

That's right...this post is coming to you from my new Droid X! *eep* A couple weeks ago when I first posted about the phone it was only a dream...but now it's so real! My little beauty arrived yesterday afternoon and quite honestly I haven't gotten a whole lot else done besides explore all the cool things I can now do right from my phone along with all the incredible apps that there are! We had a wonderful end to Summer...Labor Day pictures soon!

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