21 September 2010

Onto Two

Little man had his 2 year check up with the doc yesterday and is lookin’ good. He’s doing good on the growth chart at almost 3 feet tall! The doc did give him a referral to see the ear, nose, throat specialist though. I’m still not satisfied with the way he breathes and she’s concerned about the way he sounds and how I say he sounds when he’s asleep. What mom wouldn’t be concerned when it sounds like her baby quits breathing in his sleep, right? So we’re just gonna get me some peace of mind (or the help he needs, if thats the case.) He also got the last shot he should need until he’s 4! He did so well, ended up with 2 stickers and a sucker, always makes me so proud.

Speaking of how big he’s getting, here’s a few pictures of the recent birthday bash....
{some of the set-up}
{Yes, he l***oves buses!}
{b-day boy checkin' out the treats at the Fuel Station}
{What a lucky little guy to have received so many wonderful gifts}
{And how lucky we all were to be surrounded by family and friends}

A big thanks to all who made Aiden feel special and helped celebrate with us for his birthday! We truly are blessed!
{And he's off to the construction site with his new bike!}


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