02 August 2010

Little Artist

Staples at this time of year makes me giddy! Even the isles of Target and Walmart excite me, but why you ask? It’s back to school time, of course!  I love fresh new art supplies and the endless organization options! When I was teaching I would walk up and down the isles looking for ways to improve my classroom, even if I didn’t get anything. I just can’t resist.  This year I added a few new things to Aiden’s always growing art collection and bought him some water colors and markers. We got some new crayons and glue sticks as well as I am sure they’ll come in handy. Here’s the little artist making his first water color creation with the new paints...
I also got myself a new red three ring binder and some dividers that I intend to organize all my recipes in before we move. Speaking of recipes, I just tried out a new one that is already in the pile to make its way to the binder. It's a fabulous homemade ice cream recipe that I hope to share with you sometime. I forgot to get some pictures of us making it last night because my helper was just a little guy who was flinging ingredients about and I wasn't sure I could keep the camera from being goo-ed! But now I know for next time what can be done better and I'll be sure to get some pictures next time!


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