29 July 2010

Mid-Week Rewind

Back in May, the guys and I spent a day in St. Louis. We had talked about taking Aiden to the Arch and we didn’t really want to wait until it was crowded with families on their summer vacation so on whim we packed up the car and headed out.  It wasn't terribly hot out then so we were able to walk down along the river and see how high the water was.  The Lewis and Clark statue was almost hard to recognize as it was mostly underwater...
We decided that we were going to the top of the Arch that day because I never had, it had been years since Adam had and we already knew we'd be moving and wouldn't have many other chances.
The guys didn't mind the ride to the top in the tiny little contraption that gets you up there, but I wasn't so fond of it. I'm glad I did it though, I had only ever been on the outside and inside of the bottom part and now I have fully experienced it! While we waited in line we looked at all the neat things that explain some of the history of the Arch and the guys tried out the old fashioned scale.
At the top, we looked out the windows at 630 feet in the air! On the river side we saw the Arch's shadow and Aiden even pointed out a bus in the road! That kid can spot a bus from just about anywhere!
From the other side we saw Busch Stadium, Millennium Hotel, the Old Courthouse and Kiener Plaza and its big fountains.  Aiden Had no fear and would have leaned all the way out if the windows would have been open!
After making our way back down and exploring the museum below the Arch we headed to Hooters for dinner. It was Aiden's first time and he seemed to love it....but he got a balloon, attention from girls, french fries and attention from girls. Did I mention he got some attention from the Hooters girls?!? I think the blondes, boobies and booties made him a little crazy...what do you think?
After dinner we took Aiden over to the cascading fountain at Kiener Plaza...we figured he could use to cool off a bit after his experience with the Hooters girls!

Then we headed over to the Citygarden to explore. Adam couldn't resist the old fire truck filled with treats...
And Aiden couldn't resist the spray plaza and its more than 100 vertical jets that shoot water up to 8 feet high! 
It was the perfect way to spend a random Saturday afternoon with the guys.  I can't think of anyone else I'd rather take my adventures with!


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