06 July 2010

The Gator Pool

Aiden got this pool from Grandma last year when Lilly chewed up the one he had, but we had already replaced it with another so we saved this one. Back in May it finally got warm enough to get it out and enjoy it!
This was the day we first filled it with water and I let Aiden help with the hose.  The water was very cold coming straight out of the hose but he got in anyway. Next thing I knew he had soaked his shirt...so we simply just took it off.  Well then he was completely in the water so I just let him play. He splashed for about 10 mins and then decided it was waaay to cold.  We went in and he took a warm bath but later that day when the sun had warmed the water he was back out in the pool!
Even daddy found himself enjoying the pool (leaving Aiden wondering if there was still room for him)!  We used it quite a bit the last 2 months and to my surprise Lilly was doing a wonderful job of leaving it alone.  And then just the other day she decided she needed to drag it all over the yard and chew it up. R.I.P. alligator pool, you were fun while you lasted!

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