23 August 2010

Dreaming of a Droid

He drives...we ride, that’s just how we roll! lol  When we travel there usually aren’t too many places that we go (especially new ones!) that I do the driving because well, there isn’t a whole lot of traveling that doesn’t happen as a family anyway and he prefers to drive. But recently, little man and I were on our own and Adam was sure to equip me with printed google directions, a friends borrowed gps and even a good ol’ atlas. Funny thing is, the truck has the convenient built-in navigation but we don’t use it for travel so we’re always looking for alternate ways to get around in the Tahoe when we don’t know where we’re going! (I tell ya people, we're living like cavemen here!!) When we returned from our trip, Adam ask if I had liked having the friend’s gps because he wanted to look into getting one. It was nice to have, I didn’t get as much out of it as I probably would have because I didn’t want to change a bunch of settings since it didn’t belong to us. But it was nice to have as back up to the printed directions...so he started looking around and found that any of the ones he would consider buying would all be around $300-$400. Well, if we're going to spend that much on just a gps, why not spend about $200 more and go for an iPad which would give us gps plus so much more and would replace our laptop (which we’re considering doing near-future anyway) all at the same time! But, like usual he’s not ready to go all out and I’m don’t want to settle on just the gps (at least not at his price!) - - But like usual, we’ve found another compromise! So now I’m dreaming of a smartphone. The Droid X, actually!
Ain’t it a beauty??
If I actually get one of these, I might not get anything else done during the day...at least not for a while. And isn’t my hubby the sweetest...I know he’d love to have a new phone too but his line isn't eligible 'til next July and knows its dumb to pay the full cost of a phone so he said he’d suck it up and just let me get one and he'll possibly start using the one I have now! I know, I know go ahead....”Awww....” 
What gets even better is this...

There’s a car mount for it just like the navigation systems have! And while its docked it charges the phone so that it doesn’t use up all the battery while running the gps! Suh-weet! Are you seeing now why I’m totally excited about this?! I thought so...  But until I actually have the thing in my hands I’m trying to control myself.  Adam has softball tonight so I’m pretty certain we won’t be making a trip to get it tonight but maybe sometime this week if I’m lucky! I’m trying to have patience but its so terribly hard...I would have loved to have a smartphone long ago but there was really no reason for it. But now that he’s made a reason...he’ll have to work really hard to convince me that I DON’T need it again!!



  1. Emily, I test drove the droid X before it got launched last month. It is unreal! The screen is huge and it plays video in 720p, which is unheard of. It also has a 8.2 megapixel camera which blows all the competition out of the water. I have the HTC droid incredible which also has a 8.2 mp camera. I love mine because of the GPS and the camera. I can also upload all my pictures to facebook as soon as I take them, which is a great future. With that phone or mine you don't need to carry a camera with you. The only thing I would check on is what carrier will have reception at Ft. Rich or the surrounding area.

  2. Thanks! I did a little research about how verizon works near Ft Rich and that area and my new phone is on the way. I have to wait a couple weeks because they're back ordered, but I'm so excited to finally have a smart phone!