19 August 2010

Mid-Week Rewind

Here’s a look back at some of the fun we had in June at O-Day put on by the hospital at Fort Leonard Wood. Adam volunteered to sit in the dunk tank and to no surprise he was sitting there heckling people when Aiden and I got there.  Aiden didn’t know what to think, but after he saw a few other people trying to dunk daddy he wanted in on the fun.  With mommy’s help he had no problem sinking daddy right into the tank!
Splash! I think it’s safe to say that daddy got dunked a few other times by a few other people that day! But he did take a break for a while to have lunch with us and help Aiden with his first pony ride.

They had lots of other fun stuff to do that day like a rock climbing wall, face painting, inflatable castle and slide, raffle prizes, a snow cone station and our favorite, the cotton candy machine!

We had a great time and would have stayed longer but Aiden was without a nap and it was getting pretty hot so we headed for home while daddy finished up helping with the dunk tank. If only there were more days that we could hang out with daddy at work and do fun stuff!

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