04 August 2010

Headbands + Love

A couple weeks ago I ordered two headbands from the amazing ladies at loop dee lou. 

Here’s what I ordered:
And I love them! They’re simple but fun all at the same time. It’s taken me some getting used to wearing them because I stepped outside my comfort zone getting them but the more things I find to wear them with the more I like wearing them!  Both of them are handmade and the blue and green one comes apart so I can clip the flower in my hair without wearing the whole headband! They're hand made and were reasonable in price. Since they're all one of a kind, they no longer have these two but they still have other super fun headbands (both soft and hard!) left for sale on their website. If you're interested go there & check it out...if not well then just check me out wearin' one of my new headbands!

And then there’s these two and their big day coming up this weekend!
 +  = 

And we’ll be there! I’m excited to see them both and to share such a special day with them. Adam won’t be able to make it, so I will be taking Aiden. Yes, I realize that means 22 hours in three days in the car with an almost 2 year old ALL.BY.MYSELF and No, it doesn’t thrill me, but once its all said and done it will be worth it.  I guess its good practice incase I have to travel alone with the little man during the upcoming move to Alaska! I’ve not been thrilled with the fact that he’s become so interested in the t.v. lately but at least now the dvd player comes in handy during trips! I’m so thrilled to see all of Lindsey and her families hard work over the last couple months come together, I expect nothing but a beautiful afternoon!  Pictures to follow! 
And heart felt CONGRATS to you love birds...may your day be happy and your years to come be happier!


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