31 August 2010

Sour Patch Kid

I love this kid dearly...
But let me tell you...I’ve said it before and I guarantee I’ll say it again...he is totally a sour patch kid! First he’s sour, then he’s sweet. If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out this commercial first...

Now, exhibit A:
See what I mean...SOUR. Totally sour. And this is just only one example. He wanted to play with the camera and I told him that wasn’t ok but if he wanted me to take his picture I gladly would. His response? “NO!” But I  took it anyway which lead to the above melt down.
So onto exhibit B:
This would be shortly after exhibit A was taken. He put his pj’s on and wanted to cuddle on the couch with the dogs before bed. So SWEET. Especially when he usually only climbs up on to the couch to body slam them and irritate them! When we started seeing those Sour Patch Kid candy commercials I thought of Aiden right away but I must admit, he does have more sweet moments than sour moments. And again, I do love him dearly whether he’s being sour or sweet!


1 comment:

  1. awwwww what a cutie...i am sure nora and allie miss him (as well as their besties, rosie and lilly)
    Miss you guys tons!