02 November 2009

The Holter

If you hadn't already heard, last month Aiden saw both a cardiologist and a neurologist. At his one year doctors appointment, the doctor heard a heart murmur which was a new finding. At the time, Aiden had also passed out a few times during crying. We discussed both with the doctor and he referred us to both specialists to make sure the two were not serious and related issues. In order to do so, the cardiologist put Aiden on a 24 hour holter monitor to track his heart rate and rhythm and to see what his heart would do in the event that he had a passing out episode. Aiden did excellent with the holter monitor on. After leaving the doctors office we took him to lunch and to Toys R Us, where having it clipped to the back of his pants didn't seem to bother him at all! When we got home, he went about playing with his toys, reading books and all the other things we normally do. The clip that attached the monitor the back of his pants finally became a difficult thing for him, so daddy made him a special strap to wear over his shoulder. He couldn't have a bath that night, but I don't even think he noticed! We're so proud of him for being so cooperative with everything we needed him to do!

Since then, the cardiologist has explained to us that Aiden has an innocent heart murmur that he will either out grow or will have his whole life and will probably never have a complication with. Also, he has high vagal tone which is likely the cause of the low heart rate when he was first born. The holter monitor results showed that he still has a low heart rate, especially at times of rest. The Doctor didn't seem concerned about the high vagal tone, instead just gave us a few things to watch for and be aware of in someone who has that. The neurologist said that he didn't think the passing out had to do with Aiden being seizure prone and that we don't need to worry unless we see it happen without being provoked by crying. He said that if he were turning white before passing out it could be related to his heart, but since he turns purple before passing out and goes limp instead of stiff its not heart related. He gave us some information on breath holding spells and said that he thinks its something he's doing without even realizing he's doing it. His advice was to avoid reacting and making a big deal when it happens and it should stop. Aiden hasn't had this happen since the middle of September so we're now hopeful that it was just a phase that is now over!

Blessings to All this November,
Em and the Boys

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