03 November 2009

Reenlistment & the New Job

Here are some pictures of Adam's recent reenlistment for 6 more years in the Army. He was able to reenlist for us to stay here at Ft. Leonard Wood for another year or two, maybe even more! I had no idea that I would need to stand by his side, but I was told to "get up there" because if it weren't for me continually standing by his side and supporting his decisions that the Army might loose an excellent soldier. We were very proud of Adam that day, as we are all the time for the sacrifices he has made and still makes for our family and our country.

Adam received another challenge coin from the hospital commander and Aiden was happy to hold it for Daddy.
One of Adam's soldiers even made his a cake. B.O.H.I.C.A. it states...Bend Over Here It Comes Again!
On official Army (Brat) Business, Aiden helps Daddy in his new office. Adam is now the NCOIC of the Behavioral Medicine Division at General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital, or GLWACH as its called around these parts! There were lots of new things to investigate and Aiden even broke it in just right by spilling some of his juice on the floor to help Daddy feel right at home!

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