23 November 2009

An Early Meeting with the Big Man

A couple weekends ago Daddy needed to go the the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, so we all headed out for the day.  It just happened to also be the opening day of Santa's Wonderland and the arrival of the Big Man!  While Daddy did what he needed Mommy and Aiden stood in line for a pass to see Santa Claus.  Aiden sat on his lap last year, but didn't really know what was going on because at 2.5 months old all you ever really do is sit in someones lap!! Anyway, mommy was excited to see Aiden's reaction this year so while we waited we explored Santa's Wonderland and did some shopping!  We saw reindeer and a train, nut crackers and Elves, and lots of lights!! Aiden especially likes the lights, he always has. He was finding many things to point and look at and then it was time to get back in line so we headed that way and daddy met us there.

While we were standing in line, a couple Elves brought Aiden a candy cane which he REALLY enjoyed munching on!  And then Mommy insisted on a picture by the big Nut Cracker! Soon it would be Aiden's turn to sit with Santa!! 

When it was time for Aiden to meet with Santa, he held Daddy's hand and walked right up to the big man himself.  He got up on his lap just fine...and then Santa spoke!  Aiden didn't know what to think about that! The more Santa talked to him, the more Aiden wanted away from him!!  Santa suggested that Mommy and Daddy come back and we could all get our picture taken together.  So that's what we did and Aiden was just fine with Santa keeping his distance!  We had fun as a family that day and maybe next year Aiden will want to try meeting Santa again!

With warm hearts this holiday season - Much love from Em & the Boys

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