05 November 2009

Ferociously Cute...

And I ain't Lion!!

Here's some of the fun we had on Halloween
Aiden went trick-or-treating at the Hospital where daddy works, this was good practice for the real thing!

He figured out quickly that if they were distracted by how cute he was he could take a couple extra pieces of candy!!

Grandma came to visit for the weekend and on Saturday morning we got a special surprise trick that was actually a treat because Nana came to visit too!!

Aiden's first real trick-or-treat at the neighbors house

Daddy teaching Aiden the basics

Helping himself at Ms Lindseys house!
And he couldn't leave without playing with the dogs and getting a hug!

At the house down the street Aiden was greeted by a scary clown and a vampire...
This was his reaction...he was cautious but not too scared to get some candy anyway!

And of course before bed he had to check out the stash!!


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  1. He is so darn adorable. Im glad you guys had fun!