03 November 2009

The Man Shower

Last month Adam was invited to a "Man Shower." Yes, a baby shower for the dad instead of the mom! The dad didn't want to play games or get "cute" gifts...he simply wanted diapers and friends to come hang out around the bonfire and the keg! But my husband couldn't just simply go with a package of diapers, he had to make it real manly. He wrapped the package of diapers in construction tape and stacked a few cans of formula on top, which also needed to be wrapped in construction tape. And gee, what better to hold it all together with that good ol' duct tape!! He even made a duct tape handle at the top, for easy carrying of course! There was no tag, but better yet he wrote on the duct tape with a sharpie marker. I gotta give him credit, he did a great job! I'm thinking with the holidays coming up, that Adam should go work for Santa in the gift wrap department at the North Pole!!
He was so proud of his work!

I was told when Adam got home, that the parents thought it was so cool that they didn't even want to open the gift! :)

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