07 October 2009

Over The Top!

For Aiden's birthday, Mommy and Grandma DJ took him to see the "Greatest Show on Earth," The Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey "Over the Top" Circus!
We went with the Trickey family, the McCabe family, some of the Wyffels family and the Versluis family! We all had a whole row!! I was completely prepared to leave before the show was over due to Aiden not being able to sit still or being too scared. Neither happened! He loved it!! Right before the show started he got his first taste of yummy cotton candy, thanks to Lindsey and uncle Curtis! For a while he sat in awe with his little mouth hanging open and his hands folded. Then for a while he pointed and sat wondering what was going on!? At intermission he fell asleep and surprisingly stayed sleeping through the noise and bright lights once the show started again. He woke up just in time to see the elephants and the grand finale! I think I enjoyed watching his priceless reactions more than I did the show its self! At the end of the show, grandma bought Aiden a special elephant which he still enjoys playing with almost daily!

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