29 October 2009

Lil Punkin

All of a sudden...there it was again!! Aiden was due for having his pictures taken once more! We already had some wonderful pictures that were taken of him by his god mother early in September and I capture so many shots of him that we figured we didn't need to go all out and have too many taken. But I did have a coupon for a local place, so we went ahead and had a couple more taken. I figure, you can never have too many when your kid is as cute as ours! :) Since it was that time of year we had some taken with the fall background and her he is...our cute lil punkin himself...

A couple weeks ago we also took that cute lil punkin of ours to the pumkin patch. Last year, he had no idea what was going on. I have pictures of him sound asleep with his tiny pumpkin in him tiny little lap! This year was much more fun! The first thing we did at the pumpkin patch was venture through the corn maze. Unfortunately it had been very rainy prior to this day, so the maze was VERY muddy. Daddy had to hold Aiden, but it turned out alright because then they could navigate together. Once we made it out, we took a walk past the goats on our way the the hay rack ride that would take us out to the patch. Aiden was interested in the barrel train but wasn't quite big enough to go on his own and neither mommy or daddy thought that they could get back out if they even would have attempted to get in! So we headed out to the patch to pick out the perfect pumpkins. Luckily we were able to get to a wagon before they were gone and as you can see in the pictures Aiden was very helpful in pulling the wagon back from the field. Aiden even got to pick his own pumpkin from a pile of pre-picked ones and did a wonderful job, I must say! We decided to cut our time short and not do the few other things we could have done there that day as we realized it was way past lunch time and nap time. As soon as we pulled out of the driveway Aiden was fast asleep and mommy and daddy enjoyed a quiet ride home!

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