27 October 2009

Rain, Rain

Mother Nature has decided to shower us with lots of rain here lately, which is wonderful for the plants and animals, but not so much for the mother of a toddler who just loves to be outside! A couple weeks ago I desperately needed Aiden to get outside for awhile and burn off some energy so, rain or no rain we went out to play! Luckily the rain water wasn't too cold considering Aiden did not want to keep his shoes on and wanted to stick his hand up the gutter! He had a blast and when all was said and done, we were soaked but happy! Well, I was happy and Aiden was upset for a while that he couldn't stay out longer! Sometimes we get so caught up in being adults, that we forget about the simple things in life. Aiden was so full of wonder finding joy in something as simple as the rain and I'm amazed everyday at how much he wants to learn. He always wants to be learning about himself and the world around him and I am overjoyed at how often I get to be right there encouraging him and challenging him along the way...even if it means ruining my camera by getting it wet in order to capture the moment!!

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