29 October 2009

iMAC = love

Our new computer arrived yesterday, we are the proud new owners of the new iMAC! We don't have any pictures on it yet, but I wanted to see just how amazing working on our blog will now be! I can actually see what I'm doing!! The background actually shows up down the sides and I will hopefully only have to post things one time...instead of posting and then re-posting a few times to actually get it the way I want it! Life is good!! :)

In other news...we have also put an offer in on a new house! So...I will either be a blogging fool trying to keep updates current or I will fall behind and have to try even harder than I already do to get caught back up! The thought of falling behind when I'm not even caught up to where I want to be yet is a little overwhelming, but the good news is I've decided to work from home so I'm looking forward to still being able to do quite a bit of the things I'm used to having time to do. I've come to the conclusion that we are the type of people who just can't sit still for too long! You would think that with Adam reenlisting for stabilization here at Ft Leonard Wood, we could be settled for a while longer. But not us...we've got to keep life interesting. Adam and I have both started new jobs, I'm watching kids in home and Adam is now the NCOIC of the Behavioral Medicine Division at GLWACH (Yes, he works days again!!) And as I stated above, with God's blessings we will be in a new house before the end of the year! We plan to keep our first house and rent it for awhile and I will still be watching the same kids that I watch now in the new house with the possibility of having a couple more since we will have more space. And with having more space and income for our family we will be able to expand it...and we're not talking about another puppy this time! Hey, we figure whats another mouth to feed & a little more chaos at this point!! I have so many great Fall pictures already and I will try to get all caught up soon, before the Holidays really kick in is my goal, but for now I gotta get back to work!!

Much Love from Em & the boys

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