26 October 2009

For the Love of Green & Yellow

Big, small, toy or the real thing...he loves them!! John Deere's that is! If Aiden is given a choice of what colors to paint with, green & yellow. Given a choice between 2 shirts to wear, the green & yellow one. And among all the toys played with in the whole house, more often than not its the ones that are green & yellow. Tractors, trucks, farm equipment....our little man loves that John Deere green & yellow! I guess mom and dad have to take some blame as we gave him a John Deere bedroom from day one. Then we began dressing him like daddy...in John Deere shirts, boots and Carhartts. And to top it all off, a month or two ago daddy took him for a ride in one of Papa's real Johnny's for the first time! He loved exploring in the barn and by the corn at Great-Grandpa and Papa's farm. And checking out the cows was a must, but it was truly the tractors that we had to pry him away from. There's a new song by Jason Aldean called Big Green Tractor and we laugh because it makes us think of what a little charmer Aiden already is and how we can just picture him as the guy in the song! I don't know how long this love will live on, but for now its going strong.

Even mommy had some fun at the farm! Adam had to teach me how to climb the round bales and run across them...not as much fun as they all make it sound...but I guess because the more I age the more my imagination disappears, unfortunately! The innocent spiders didn't seem very innocent and prevented me from jumping across more than 2 bales...the city girl in me sure came out loud & clear that day!!

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