26 March 2010

Where has my baby gone?

Today was Aiden's 18 month check up...really? Already?  Where has my baby gone?  He has been taken over by this big boy type kid who says real words, runs, climbs, uses a potty, and loves books.  Today he weighs 26 lbs and is 33 inches tall. The doc said he's about right in the middle of the growth chart at about 56%.  Although our baby disappears a little more each day, we are over joyed at the little man he is becoming in place of that baby.  Aiden is saying so many words now and is still using the signs he knows to communicate.  He has a tendency to shorten his words though...butt (button), ketch (ketchup), op (open), crack (cracker), etc.  Cute, huh? Yeah, until we're in public and he knows there are crackers in his bag so he starts digging through it looking for the "crack!"  Luckily, I haven't been questioned about having drugs in my bag...yet!  Its possible though, that if I ever were questioned Aiden would scare them off by showing them his muscles.  He loves loves loves to show his muscles and make sure you know just how tough he is!  Aiden now pees in the potty daily!! We are nowhere close to being potty trained, but its a start and he enjoys making mommy and daddy proud when he does it.  He even claps for himself now and reminds whoever is in the bathroom with him at the time that the pee is "don't touch."  He hasn't quite figured out how to do more than just pee in the potty yet though...only once so far has he used it for more than just pee.  (Daddy took pictures of the monumental feat, but I figure you don't need to see it to believe it!)  Sometimes he will tell us "poo" after he goes in his diaper and I'm ok with that as its still a step in the right direction!  Aiden has really taken a liking to his picture word books.  His favorites are My Little Word Book and Happy Baby Animals, among others. We, no, He never tires of reading them and making sure mom-mom and dad don't forget what animals make what sounds.  He is still a very busy little guy and rarely sits to watch T.V. but when he does he likes to watch Chuggington on Disney channel.  Above all else though, if the weather is nice he wants to be outside! Thank goodness for Spring finally arriving and the weather allowing us to be out more.  We are looking forward to doing lots of fun things this Spring and Summer and Adam and I are excited to help Aiden grow and learn with each new experience.  He is so curious and loves a good challenge which also challenges us as parents, daily.  I wouldn't have it any other way, Aiden is more than I could have ever asked for in a child.  God is good!  And what kind of proud mom would I be if I didn't share a few new pics!?! 
 -Aiden enjoys helping daddy refill corn in the feeders and then watching for the squirrels & deer-

-This is a little guy who likes insists on doing things all by himself-

-Enjoying a treat and a sticker for pooping in the potty! Yay!-

-The Happy Baby Animals Book (Looks like a tough call on who's enjoying that more?!)-

-Flexin' 'cause spinach gives you big muscles ya know...helping mommy plant some-

-If he knows its bath time he heads straight to the tub...he's such a little fish
(or "Shish" as he would say)-

-There's those big muscles again...What a stud-

-Typical dirty boy-
How can you not love that face...dirt or no dirt?!

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