22 March 2010

From Hair to Bare

About a week ago Aiden was due for a hair cut, again! (If you don't remember, we started before he was 4 months old!) He usually gets at least one a month and used to be soooo good at sitting for daddy. We used to talk about how over joyed we were to have a child who would sit so nicely and cooperate so well during haircuts! Well recently, he has decided that he would like to make each hair cut incredibly more difficult and stressful.  Usually while daddy does the buzzing, mommy is trying to find anything she can to entertain the wiggly, squirmy, unable to sit still toddler.  We've tried the comb, the guards, the dogs, cupcake pops, suckers, chocolate, electronics, acting silly, singing and we've even given him some miniature clippers that just buzz but won't hurt him. When I say nothing works, that's an understatement.  It has become such a challenge but the longer we put it off & the longer his hair gets...the crazier it gets & the more it sticks out!  So...like I said it was time once again to tackle the beast that was growing atop our sons head.  This time we tried setting him in front of the tv...but again no such luck. He was so unhappy and throwing his head around that the clippers caught his ear and he started bleeding.  So now my job was to try to hold a towel on his ear AND comfort him AND entertain him.  I've done some things that are really no fun at all, but this made me want to poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick! We ended up trying to give him candy and some small clippers again...except this time the miniature ones were m.i.a. so, what the heck, we gave him the cordless trimmers.  What were we thinking?!?  He put them right up to his head and took out a spot right on the top! After having a good laugh (because it wasn't too noticeable) we continued to try to finish the cut.  Yes, at this point I was still trying to hold the blood towel... except now I was also trying to calm the barber who was becoming more and more frustrated with every minute that this whole mess continued to go on.  Finally, we called it good and put Aiden in the tub.  It was getting late, so we cleaned up but didn't get everything put away before going to bed.  The next day I realized daddy had left the clipper set (which is in a zippered bag type thing) on the counter in the kitchen.  And this is how I realized that they had been left there...
I was in the living room doing something & I hear the cordless trimmers turn on.  Uh oh! In the very short time it took me to get to the kitchen Aiden had already taken the trimmers right up the front of his head.  He had pulled the whole zippered bag down off the counter...which wouldn't have been a big deal except when daddy forgot to put them away the night before, he also forgot to zip it shut!!  The good news is that he didn't get his eyebrows and there was no more blood shed.  We decided against letting him walk around looking like an idiot for the next few weeks and let him take the clippers into the bathroom and cut it off the rest of the way...with daddy's help of course.

The next morning when Aiden was standing at the sink while I brushed his teeth he began looking concerned and was looking and feeling for his hair.  Once I told him that it would be gone for a while but that it would come back, he was ok with it.  He's not ever really been much of a at wearer but he now has been wearing one when we go out to keep the sun and the rain off his head.  Its already looking like its grown some and I'm sure that in a short time he'll be his bushy headed little self again!!
And for those of you wondering what became of the clippers?...they have been safely zipped up in their bag and put up in mommy and daddy's bathroom where Aiden is rarely allowed to go!

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