01 March 2010

Late Again

Here I am ready to post pictures from Valentines Day and some February fun...and it's the first of March! Yikes...February was a busy month.  It was filled with family, friends, laughter, sunshine, and good memories.  We started off the month with Grandma visiting and having friends over to our place for the Superbowl.  We were rootin' for the Colts but must admit that the Saints deserved the win! We made our annual pickle pinwheels (which Adam creatively arranged as a goal post) and I also made these devilish little football treats for the occasion...

The next weekend in February, which was Valentine's weekend, we had a full house.  Aunt Jess, Josh (or Juuush as Aiden says), Rachel and Nana all came to visit!  We spent Saturday in Springfield and Rachel got her ears pierced at the mall and she even chose the purple, or amethyst (my birthstone) earrings!
Later that weekend, the kids and I made chocolate Valentine suckers. What messy fun!

And how could I forget...the most important Valentines of all. My boys.  This year I got a sticker picture from Aiden and a red rose and box of chocolates from Adam. Love is in the air! 

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