03 March 2010

Strawberry Shortcake & Pop Tarts with a Spoon

Today is Wednesday and I've been good about posting wordlessly.  But I have many new pictures to share that I couldn't resist sharing these of Aiden...when you see them you will understand why words are necessary!  Since he brightens our days with his silly ways, I hope these will make you smile too!  When we had family here a couple weekends ago we all enjoyed some strawberry shortcake.  The strawberries we very cold and almost sour, but oh so good.

If I haven't mentioned it a couple hundred million times before, Aiden is so silly! He makes us laugh all.the.time.  On this particular day, he was eating a pop tart with a spoon.  After explaining to him that he could just pick it up & eat it, which would be much easier, he still insisted on using the spoon.  It made breakfast a little more challenging...but no worries, I still got a thumbs up!

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