08 March 2010

Birthday Fun

I just celebrated my 26th Birthday! wow.  My twenties has been great so far.  So many things have happened in the last few years that have really shaped me into the woman I was meant to be.  It was so nice to celebrate with such great friends this year.  Here in Missouri I have a really great friend, Lindsey.  And back home of course there's that really great friend I've had since freshman year in High School, Lindsey!  Lindsey here, has a birthday just 5 days before mine so we also had a fun celebration for her too!  We went to dinner at a wonderful restaurant in Springfield, the Flame.  Amazing food!...and a delicious dessert to follow.  If you read the post about the Superbowl, you saw the picture of the football treats. Lindsey and Kris loved those so I made her cake out of the "football" truffle filling.  After we'd all eaten too much, we went to see the broadway show STOMP.  It was a lot of fun for Adam and I to get out of the house for a night and do something like we used to do.  It was overdue and we always have fun with Kris and Lindsey, this night was no different!
Lindsey and her special cake!

Just us, enjoying our date night!

After the show...Kris was apparently having a blast!!
(He's way too cool)

Birthday Girls

But the fun didn't stop there! My Birthday was the following Thursday and I had told Adam that we didn't need to do anything else because we had just had a fun weekend.  He, however, thought that I needed more.  I love him.  He set up a wonderful surprise with Lindsey (from home) and her family! I still had plans to go to spinning and enjoy a quiet night at home with my boys but I knew something was up when Adam got home from work, I just didn't know what!  To my surprise, before I headed off to spinning, I noticed someone standing at our front door.  Before I could even question it, Matt, Blake, Lindz and Kai all came walking in!  It was so nice to see them all and to know that they made such a effort to make my birthday special this year (including the scotcheroos)! And believe it or not, the fun didn't even stop there! Have I mentioned I love my husband? He took me shopping for a few things that weekend too...I love my new Oakleys most of all! Kris and Lindsey even brought over some cupcakes and something nice for me.  Life is good!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Im glad you had such a great time.

  2. Thanks Ashley! I had an amazing birthday this year. Everyone who helped me celebrate made me feel so special. Love your new tattoo, by the way! Hope you guys are doing well!