18 March 2010

Fab Feb Fun

Yeah, Yeah...I know its march and once again Im behind.  You should be used to it by now.  Someday I'll get caught up, ok well maybe not but a girl can dream right?! Anyway, February was a busy month for us. You've seen some of the fun we had, but here's some more!  Thank goodness American Idol started right after the Olympics (even though the talent doesn't compare!) because we watched them every night and when they were over we found ourselves questioning what we were going to do after dinner?!  Don't get me wrong, we'd much rather still be watching the Olympics but at least we know we have something we want to watch and don't just flip through channels mindlessly looking for something all night.  I actually didn't think we were watching that much of the Olympics....until I found Aiden in the kitchen one day doing this....
And although I'm not really sure what sport he's playing, exactly...Maybe someday we'll see him receiving a gold medal in it!  I also mentioned a while back that our friends, Lindsey, Matt, Kai and Blake came to visit. While they were here we went to the Discovery Center in Springfield.  We all ended up liking the children's museum we went to in St Louis last year better, but it was nice to get out of the house and keep the boys (yes, even the big ones too) busy for awhile.


The boys all play so great and always have fun spending time together...right up 'til bedtime even!

And last, but not least...we welcomed "Frank" into our home in February.  Adam had the buck he shot last fall mounted for the wall.  No, they're not going to be all over the house but this one was his first and we agreed that it was a special one.  It took the dogs some time to get used to him, but Aiden liked (and liked touching) him right away.  So when you walk into our house, he will be there to greet you on the living room wall.  Why his name is Frank, I cannot tell you...but he is pretty quite and we don't have to feed or clean up after him so I'm ok with him sticking around.


  1. aiden is def going to be some sort of Gold medalist...
    see you all this weekend.

  2. That pot holder game looks fun!
    Good pics of all the boys too :)