10 March 2010


Danny Gokey was a favorite of ours during season8 of American Idol. I have fallen in love with this song and all the little messages that pop up in the video... ♥

life is way to short..to be anything but happy ♥ make better mistakes tomorrow ♥ if not now..then when? ♥ forgive ♥ challenge yourself ♥ stop dreaming. start living ♥ be yourself. everyone else is already taken ♥ never settle ♥ be somebody ♥ don't worry. everything is going to be amazing ♥ replace fear of the unknown with curiosity ♥ its never too late ♥ dream big ♥ live now.

I think I must have the whole cd!! He's also touring now & I have added him to the list. Right after Darius Rucker, of course :)

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