26 January 2010

Snow Much Fun

Before we went to IL for the Holidays we hadn't gotten any substantial amounts of snow here in Missouri!  It flurried a few times but there was not enough to play in, so we packed Aiden's snow pants, boots, and some extra warm clothes intending to let him play in ALL the snow that had fallen in the Quad Cities.  Once we got there, it snowed even more and the Sunday after Christmas we helped Aiden get all layered up and we headed out to play.  Aiden was a little hesitant at first but after a few minutes he was having a blast.  Unfortunately, it was so cold that we weren't out for very long but Aiden was able to make his first snow angel before heading in.  Playing in the snow + Time with family = "Snow" Much Fun!!

When we returned home to Mo early in January, we finally had snow here!! A couple more inches fell the first week we were back and although its all gone now, I did get  few pictures of Aiden the day he braved going out to help mommy shovel!

It was so cold on this day that when Aiden's nose started to run, the snot froze to his face and onto the zipper of his coat! At this point, it was time to go in!!

Since, we've had some warm weather.  Last week it was in the 40's and 50's...but it it didn't hang around long.  Its only about 30 degrees again today.  I realize that its still January and its supposed to be cold, but once we were teased with a little bit of spring like weather its hard to adjust back to the cold!  We are very anxious for spring and warmer weather as we are ready to enjoy our new deck and yard!


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