14 January 2010

Full House

Looks like Trouble!!  (Check out Aiden's shirt!)

Right now at our house there are 2 dogs, 2 puppies, 2 toddlers and a partridge in a pear tree!  Ok, not the partridge in the pear tree, but hey! Why not??  I'm back to babysitting this week and we're also doggie-sitting.  Aiden likes having someone other than mom-mom to play with again and Lilly and Rosie like having their BFF's here as well...But boy it makes for a very busy house!  Rosie has gotten really good at at being poor little Rosie who's not like the rest, since the other three dogs are boxers.  While we were in IL for the holidays, our dogs stayed at Nora and Allie's house and Rosie ended up with stitches!  No one knows what actually happened, but we're pretty certain that she was being nasty and deserved what she got.  The stitches, there were 4 right under her eye and were pink!  She got them out yesterday afternoon and the vet said it healed very well.  We're hoping to not make any return visits to the vet while they're together!!  Our new furniture finally go delivered and is being broke in very lovingly, especially when Adam gets home from work at night.  They all pile on his lap when he sits down to watch tv and he's learned that there's really not a good way to get all of them to fit there.  Most nights its been quite humorous! In no way am I complaining about any of this, I think its been a great week!!  It's nice to open our home and make it feel a little less lonely.  If we lived closer to our family and friends, our home would be such a great place to gather and I like having that atmosphere.  Unfortunately right now, there are very few times that everyone is able to gather at our home.  So for now, we are enjoying the full house that we have and the friends that we've made!

Rosie the morning after stitches and a night at the vet...

And again right before getting the stitches out!

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  1. Oh wow that picture is too funny, the shirt and the expression on Aidens face just makes the picture!! Glad to see Rosie is healing up...awwww.
    We just noticed today how quiet it is here without the boxers...hope they continue to be good girls for you...

    ALLIE looks huge!