07 January 2010

Oh Deer!!

Oh Deer, I just realized that I some how forgot to blog about something very exciting back in November!! In the event that Adam were to ever stop by here and blog himself, there's no way that this major event would have ever gotten missed.  For those of you that don't know, Adam has become quite the outdoorsman.  Since we've moved to Missouri Adam had spent time enjoying fishing and hunting.  In '08, Adam got a doe with his new bow that ended up being the only deer he got last season.  Last year, he tried turkey hunting but wasn't able to get one, instead he only got a squirrel!!  When deer season started again he shot a doe but when she turned to run, she ran into a tree breaking off the arrow and shoving it in deep enough to not leave a blood trail.  After spending a few hours looking for her and no luck, he came home and ended up getting a phone call a few days later from the guy whose property he was hunting saying that he found her.  Unfortunately, by that time it had been too long and the weather was still too warm for us to still process the meat.  Bummer!!  But, the happy ending to this story comes opening day of gun season.  Adam had just bought a new rifle, the rut had begun, and he was only in the tree about a half hour when HE, yes HE came walking out of the trees and Adam got his first buck!!  My favorite thing about hunting season, other than the obvious of filling the freezer, is getting the phone call right after he gets his shot!!  That morning it came early and Aiden and I were both still in bed!  I knew that we had about an hour before daddy would be getting home with the big buck, so I got Aiden up and ready for the arrival.  Aiden was unsure at first, but finally warmed up to the fact that daddy had a big "Duhr" in his truck! He even helped daddy measure its antlers!  We have already enjoyed meat from the big guy and in March we will be getting the mount back.  Adam has already picked out a special place for him on the living room wall!!  


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