06 January 2010

Back At It

 Now that the holidays are over, we are back at it around here.  Adam is back to work and I will be next week, so this week I'm enjoying the quiet house and getting as much done as I can.  All of the Christmas stuff made its way up to the attic and I'm heading back up there today to see what I can find for Valentines Day Deco!!  Aiden and I made it back to the gym this morning and although two weeks doesn't seem like that long to be away, I could tell that it was!  It was a little rough but I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped back on the scale and found that I'm still right about where I want to be.  Now I just need to get back to working hard on toning!  It took Aiden a few minutes to warm back up to his friends this morning but when I checked in on him, he seemed to be having fun as usual.  After a couple very busy weeks, he's enjoying being back home again with all of his new things and all of the things he hadn't played with that seem new again! I'm hopeful that he will soon shake the nasty congestion, cough and runny nose he's had since before Christmas.  We had a wonderful holiday season filled with love, laughter, friends and family. As usual though, there's just not enough time with everyone. We have been so blessed in the last year, that I just don't know how it will be topped this year. Just as we did in 2008 we added a member to the family, bought a new house, and bought a new vehicle again in 2009!  We have decided to take 2010 off!!  But we do still have a few things to look forward to so remember to check in!

As the new year approached, I decided that my resolution this year was to not make a resolution I wouldn't keep as in many years past.  I have decided to continue working on goals that still need accomplished.  We have plans to start getting the house painted and decorated the way we want, soon! (The painting process is scheduled to start this week, fingers crossed!)  I would really like to get back to scrapbooking.  In the last house we just didn't have the space, but now that we do I'm excited to get an area all set up to be creative! I also want to blog more, even though I'm unsure that friends and family are coming regularly to check in on us, I know that I'm making an effort to stay connected with the ones we love! And most importantly I plan to maintain and improve my family's healthy lifestyle.  Im excited for the weather to warm up and for us to get out an enjoy our new yard.  I'm learning now how important it is for me to do things for myself as it helps me to be a better wife and mom.  I am hoping to have another post for today as I have new pictures to share...the weather is supposed to turn VERY wintery here this afternoon so we plan on staying in where its warm!

Much Love...

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