07 January 2010

Aw Shoot, We're Cute!

So I didn't make it back for more blogging yesterday, but here I am again and as promised with new pictures!!  With moving during the holidays, things got pretty busy for us and all of a sudden it hit me that I should probably think about putting some sort of Christmas card together to get sent out.  We surely didn't have the time to set up and appointment somewhere to get them done and most of our clothes were packed up anyway...so why not just have a picture taken as we usually are!  Adam and Aiden typically wear plain white t's for under shirts and just around the house and recently we've all been wearing our boots quite a bit.  So here's a few pictures of the fun we had trying to get a good family shot!

Aww Aiden waved...how cute...except he's covering his face!!
And this is the only one with the dogs...they lost interest quickly!

Hmm...if only Aiden's hand wasn't in my shirt!!

And the final product...


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