19 January 2010

Holiday Rewind

It doesn't seem like it has already been over two weeks since we were back home in IL for the holidays!! The beginning of 2010 is going by so fast...Here are some pictures from last year (technically!) of the recent holidays!

A week before we went to IL to visit, Nana decided she wanted to come see us!  She was only here for the weekend, but we did lots of fun things in that short time. First, we went to the local farm store to see Santa and his reindeer Dasher.

The Next morning Aiden was thrilled to find that Nana was still at his house, so they spent some time playing and dancing.

And later that day we all went to Saint Louis Mills, to the big Cabela's store.  What a great weekend!

Before we left for our trip we also got a visit from someone at the North Pole!  I don't think it was Santa because it was a few days early, but he must've known we wouldn't be home on Christmas morning so he sent a sneaky elf to our house to leave Aiden's presents! Please excuse our tree, all the ornaments were at the top where little Mr. Busy hands couldn't reach, so in the pictures it looks bare!  Santa didn't didn't bring too much again this year since he knows Aiden still doesn't really have the concept.  Aiden was excited to get a tool bench and and tools though, he works with them almost daily still!  He also got a couple books, a movie, a doodle pad and a "pet" dinosaur from mom & dad! It was another first Christmas in our new home and it was a good day!  We spent the rest of the day enjoying time together and preparing for our trip!

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