27 May 2010

On the Cover of Glamour

No, not me and not anyone I know...But wouldn’t that be amazing?!?
I usually mindlessly go through my emails, unless I get one from an actual person who actually wrote something.  But today this came in one from Victoria’s Secret and it got my attention...

That’s MY swimsuit!!
The pink one on the left is the one I just got!! And that's the cover of the new June edition of Glamour Magazine!  Apparently, I have great taste! You can even see me in it here while we were at the beach recently!  Call me silly, but it thrills me to see something I have in movies or on shows or in magazines.  Last season on Desperate Housewives one of them was wearing a shirt I have in an episode and I’m pretty sure Adam thought I was absolutely crazy when I went to get it from the closet and brought it to the tv just to make sure it was the same shirt! It was the same though and that made my day!
More vacation pictures soon (Yes, more of me in my Glamour featured swimsuit!) as I’m hoping to have some time this long weekend to get some more blogging done...although I'd rather be swimming and spending time with Fam and friends back "home"!

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