10 May 2010

Mom n Me Monday

With yesterday being Mother’s Day,
how about a Mom n Me Monday today!

We spent most of Mother's day in the house since it turned out to be an overcast chilly kind of day.  I woke up to my Aiden giving me a card, followed by my husband giving me a card as well.  Then they disappeared from the room so I slipped back to sleep for a little while until I was awoken with pancakes with blueberry syrup and a glass of milk in bed! We all hung out in our jammies most of the day and when Aiden woke up from his nap we had an early dinner at Ruby Tuesday.  Daddy snapped the picture of my baby and I right before heading out to dinner.  If you're confused, by baby I mean the picture of me and Aiden.  Lately, he's been pointing to older pictures of himself and to other children and saying "baby."  I guess he's not a baby anymore when he realizes that there are many differences between him and an infant.  ::Sigh::it was bound to happen someday, right?! You might have also noticed in the picture that it looks like he's taller than me...which I'm thinking is just a sign of things to come. It's hard to think that with me being as tall as I am, that my "baby" will ever be taller than me.  The more he grows the more proud of him I grow. My guys gave me a very nice Mother's day full of hugs and feeling special.  
And before I go, here are a few more pictures from our recent vacation. Since the trip was for daddy's birthday he got to choose something to do on the first day and he wanted to go miniature golfing.  Aiden didn't use his club much, he chose to get the balls to the hole by just simply throwing them.  Daddy got first, mom-mom second, and well, Aiden didn't really have a score after about hole 3!

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