08 May 2010

East Coast Vacation; Part 1

If you hadn't heard, we just took a family vacation to the east coast for some fun in the sun.  I will have to post our pictures of that fun in parts since we took so many! Now you know, if you didn't already the reason I get called the "mom-arazzi"!  I hope you enjoy seeing our adventures half as much as we did having them! 

Aiden was such a big helper while I was packing for the trip.  I was in the closet finding some clothes to take with and he was sitting on the floor playing with his sand toys that were set out to take with...but before I knew it he was in the suitcase!  Who would have thought packing would be so much fun!?!

It was decided that we would pack up and drive for this trip, like we do most others.  It would take us 16 hours to get from Missouri to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  It s a good thing daddy likes to do the driving!!  Aiden is used to making the 6 hour trip to the Quad Cities so we made a stop about 7.5 hours into the trip...which just happened to be Nashville, Tennessee.  With so many things we could have done we chose to explore the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere.  Unfortunately, it was crowded with field trippers and  Aiden became hungry so we didn't get to see everything.  It was still nice to get out and stretch out legs for awhile though.  Here's a few of the things we did enjoy at the zoo...

Soon after we finished our exploration of the zoo and got back in the car to continue our journey, Nashville got hammered with a nasty storm and had lots of flooding.  We were lucky enough to escape even a single drop of rain and later that night we had made it all the way to Hilton Head Island where our vacation would begin the next morning!

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