01 June 2010

East Coast Vacation; Part 3

Here’s some more of our trip to the East coast. While in South Carolina, we went to the red & white striped 90 foot tall Harbour Town Lighthouse Museum..
We even climbed all 114 steps to the top! From the top of the lighthouse you can see the Harbor, the pier, the 18th hold of the Sea Pines Resort golf course and Dafauskie Island.  There is a web cam at the top that can be accessed from the lighthouse's website so while we were at the top we called home to Lindsey and she was able to see us wave at her! 
Before leaving, we went down onto the pier and the beach and since We were there at sunset and the view was amazing!
Only one more part left of our vacation....Coming soon along with pictures of the fun stuff we've been up to since we got back!

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