16 June 2010

East Coast Vacation; Part 4

It’s only taken about a month to do, but I’m finally posting the final part of our spring family vacation on the east coast.  Coligny Beach Park was within short walking distance from where we were staying and is where we spent most of our time. At Coligny Beach Park you can find swings, rocking chairs, benches, showers, fountains for the kids, and most importantly sand, sun and the ocean!  There are also restaurants and shops nearby which we took a little time to browse through.
On daddy's birthday we had lunch at The Crazy Crab.  What a fun place! We got there right as they opened and the place was empty, so Aiden was able to explore a little.  He enjoyed looking at all the fish in the very large tank and being greeted by the waving alligator as we walked in.  We had wanted to get some fresh seafood while we were in South Carolina and were glad to have found it here!  Adam had the steamed seafood pot which included crab legs, shrimp, oysters (in shell!) and corn on the cob.  Below you can see his determination as he broke into his oysters.  I had a chilled stuffed lobster with shrimp salad on a bed of greens - yum-o! Aiden just had pizza...he hasn't quite become a seafood lover like his parents yet! We left there awfully full and headed back to the beach for the afternoon.
Aiden spent some more time doing what he loved best at the beach...playing in the crashing waves and chasing the birds! We also found a handful of sand dollars that afternoon, a couple crabs and a snail. We had to keep an eye on Aiden as really liked to follow the kite-flying bikini-girl so intently that he didn't even hear us calling his name!
During trips up and down in the elevator we had heard about the alligator that had been spotted in the pond at the hotel. We had to see it to believe it and we did!  We were able to see it two days in a row and Adam was brave enough to get right up there and take its picture! At one point, the turtle was right in the gators face and although it didn't seem to mind, we didn't stick around to see what happened...
Later that night, we had cookie sandwiches and IBC rootbeer to celebrate daddy's birthday.  during our trip, we also had lots of other fun in our room.  Aiden's favorite thing was to talk on the phone so we finally just unplugged it from the wall and let him make all the calls he wanted!
We left South Carolina with so many memories and look forward to heading back east again sometime! I will treasure all the pictures I have shared along with all the ones I didn't want to overload you with for years to come. And now summer is in full swing and we're busy! I will have pictures from the rest of May to share soon!

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