22 June 2010

My Oh May

May? Long gone! And my oh my its almost July!  Guess I better get caught up - Get ready!

The month of May seemed to have slipped by after we returned home from our vacation.  While we were in South Carolina, Lindsey and the girls stayed at our house with Rosie and Lilly.  We miss Lindsey and I know that Lilly especially misses her BFF's.  Here's Aiden hanging out on the couch with Lindsey...watch out Kris...she thought he was pretty cute in just his undies :)

And then it was time to say see ya later...Aiden helped Lindsey pack her car and program her GPS.  Then we all gave one last hug and off she went! We will be seeing both Lindsey and Kris again in August! Yay!

This boy and his dog...they're two of a kind.  Kind of like sour patch kids...first they're sour then they're sweet.  You never know what you're gonna get with them...we couldn't have gotten Aiden a better dog.
We Celebrated Mother's Day at home and it was wonderful. For most of the day we stayed in our pj's because it was a chilly rainy day.  Then when we got a break in the rain the boys took me out to dinner. This is the reason I celebrate this day and the reason I've smiled every day for the past year and a half...
When we got home from dinner the rain was still holding off so we spent some time out in the yard having some fun. We hung our new hummingbird feeder and the boys played in the tree house and on the swing.  Rosie even found a toad in some leaves! It was a good day to celebrate being a mom!
We are thrilled at the possibility of having our son like baseball as much as we do.  He already likes to watch on t.v. and really likes to play catch.  This night he was showing off his All-Star batting skills. If I remember right he even hit a grand slam!!
Aiden also really likes to take rides on the mower. Mommy and Daddy are both ready for the day that he can mow and hopefully by then he's still as excited and willing!

Aiden is also a really good helper at the grocery store...
One night I was going through the closet in our extra room and taking some of it to the attic.  As I started setting it by the garage door Aiden began to "help" me with it.  In one of the boxes he found his daddy's baby blanket that Great (Aiden's Great-Great) Grandma made.  There was still enough love in this blankie for Aiden to get some and he even wrapped it around his head like his dad used to.
And in another box we found one of Adam's outfits from when he was a little guy so we had to let Aiden bring sexy back in this little 80's sweat suit...
Next up for the month of May...Aiden's first baseball game and our day trip to St. Louis.  More to come soon!

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  1. Love the post, such cute pictures!! Aiden, what a cutie!! Can't wait to see you, only 46 more days!! WOO HOOO