19 April 2010

A "not me" Monday

The idea for this came from Mckmama.  It's refreshing to read about the things that another mom wouldn't do and there's plenty of things I don't do...so why not give it a shot!  Sure, Why not. I wouldn't do something like that.

I wouldn't let my child watch a dvd on repeat play when there are so many other things he could be doing that would stimulate his busy little mind.  Even if it is only 20 mins. long and about the only thing that will keep him sitting quietly for any amount of time. And even if the only way to shut up his asking is to turn it on for him again & again, I still wouldn't do it.  Not me, no way.

Speaking of that wonderful petting farm dvd my kid dearly loves that we've seen 95638465212 times, I did not just tell him that he can't watch it again tonight just for the fact that I would rather jab a sharp stick into my eye than have to watch it one more time today.  Even though he loves is so dearly and its by scholastic so its educational, I still wouldn't do that.

I also wouldn't make tasteless healthy muffins for my family from a clean eating cookbook.  But even if I did, I wouldn't let my kid gobble them up and wait until he's not looking to drizzle maple syrup on mine to make it taste better.  That would be deceiving him that I'm eating healthy so he should too, and I wouldn't do that. Nope, not me.

And lastly, I won't be sending my kid to bed tonight without a bath just because I'm too exhausted to let him play in the tub for awhile then chase his naked butt around begging him to finish getting ready for bed.  Even if he took a bath last night, he surely won't have to sacrifice being clean for my tiredness. (I also must mention my husband who could give him a bath, but he's not laying on the couch right now dozing off & yawning as I write this.) That's just not something this loving mom would do, not me!

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