09 April 2010

Takin' Notes

A few weeks back after the weather had started warming up, we had a couple of cold days sneak back in.  On a Saturday, we got some freezing rain and some parts of Missouri even got snow.  Adam found something that needed worked on on his truck but decided to wait 'til Sunday so it he wouldn't have to do it outside in the cold.  He told Aiden that he could help him with it the next morning.  But again, on Sunday it was too cold for Aiden to be out.  We found a way to compromise so that Aiden could still see what Daddy was doing in the garage.  Our inside garage door has a large window in it so I set up the step stool where Aiden had a front row seat! It worked out so well for all of us...Daddy could get what he needed done without having Aiden in the way and worrying about him being safe; Aiden could see every move his dad made and didn't have to stay inside and scream at me because he wanted out there; And it kept the little man entertained long enough that I was able to get some stuff done.  I did take a break to snap a couple pictures though!  Aiden is a momma's boy for sure, but the older and more curious he gets the more Daddy is able to teach him and the stronger their bond grows!

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