19 April 2010

Weekend Snapshots

The last two weekends around here have been pretty busy.  We've done quite a bit of yard work, taken mower rides and put up a flag pole. We've created with play dough, played at the park, done lots of swinging, grilling, watering, laundry, homework and watching the Scholastic Petting Farm dvd!  Aiden will now bring us the remote, point to the tv and say "moo, moooo."  Which is code for "can I puh-lease watch the petting farm dvd!" Sunday morning we broke the record of times watched in a day with 4 times.  Thank goodness its only a 20 min. movie. Aiden really likes enjoys  loves to be outside! He would much rather be outside exploring than anything else. Well, I think the one thing he would rather do more than spend all day outside is look for BUSES!  The child can't get enough of a good school bus and luckily it seems that everywhere we go we find one, or more! (The school bus driver in our neighborhood even waves whenever he sees out and it just makes Aiden's day.)  Here are some snapshots of the last two weekends...I hope you're enjoying Spring as much as we are!

"Check this out! Mom made a play dough bus for me!"

"Mom's helper"

"It is truly a gift to have a son like you who grows more precious with the years!"

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