13 April 2010

That's my Boy!

When I walked into the living room one day last week and found Aiden watching TV like this...


And of course, it made me smile. 
That's my boy all curled up in a Cubbies Blanket, by choice!!

The Cubs and Cards both won their home openers last night so all is well here...at least until May 28 and the first Cubs/Cards series begins!  I don't really mind if the Cards are winning (as long as the Cubs are too!) because I know it makes Adam happy...its when they play each other that things tend to get nasty!! We're excited baseball season is here again and we're heading to Wrigley Field in July this year!

What have we done to our child??
He sure does have a tough decision to make!!

P.S Adam is playing ball this year for the hospital team on Ft Leonard Wood...I will try to get some pictures to share of the all-star at some of the games!

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