30 September 2009

Meeting Our Son and A One-derful Year

On September 12, 2008 we finally met our son. Immediately following we began the journey of a One-derful year with Aiden! He is more amazing than I ever could have dreamed. For a lack of better words, he's a BFD! Aiden keeps us busy, especially me, as I have been lucky to be able to stay home
with him since day one. At a year old, he's walkin
g and "talking" (his vocab consists of about 10 words). He loves to play with the dogs and has learned to throw things and play catch with a ball. He gives big mouth-open-wide kisses and pats you on the back when he gives hugs. He eats like a champ, has 8 teeth and is working on three new ones. He loves to be outside and thoroughly enjoys bubbles. He loves bath time and swimming, I think he's part fish! He has started learning sign language and has begun to use it to express himself. He favors the colors yellow and green, he truly is our little John Deere man. Trucks and the big bucks are cool, because daddy says so! He would rather read books than watch TV and has begun to dance to and enjoy music. His "huggie" is very important to him, chewing on it brings him comfort. He makes new friends easily He is learning new things everyday while also teaching mommy and daddy a few new things now and then. No matter what else is going on in the world, he makes us smile everyday. I can be having the worst day ever and some how I find myself smiling or laughing at something Aiden has done. His hugs and kisses ain't too bad either!! As we begin year two, I am excited to see Aiden grow, learn, overcome challenges, and succeed even more than he has in this first year.


  1. why had i not seen the silhouette picture of you holding him up in the hospital before??!!! I LOVE IT!

  2. I love it too! My mom took it with her camera, and then gave me a copy some time ago. She's not entered into the age of digital photography yet so I had to do it the old fashioned way!