29 September 2009

Welcome to All Things Us!

My initial thoughts about beginning a blog were many. My wish is that everyone can check in when they want to find out about all things DeCap! Probably more like all things Aiden though, things tend to revolve around that little man nowadays! Trying to get new pictures to everyone each time we have a new batch has become quite the job, I am hopeful that "blogging" will eliminate some hassle! If you find that you haven't gotten pictures of the little man lately its probably because I haven't sent any! They'll be here though! I still take lots of pictures with good intentions of scrap booking again someday, until then the least I can do is share my wonderful son with everyone this way! I'm sure from time to time Adam and I will have something to share as well, I will share for Adam as I'm quite certain he will not actually do any blogging himself! This is all things DeCap...

Much love to everyone!!

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