14 December 2011

Photographing December

Day 5
{i'll sneak in a cuddle with this little man any chance i can get}

Day 6
Starbucks Coffee Cup

Day 7
Favorite Ornament
{my son's first ornament given to him by a family member, i smile every year hanging it because of what it represents}

Day 8
Free Day:
{brrr...some big alaskan icicles}

Day 9
Christmas Light-Lookin'
{town square in eagle river, ak}

Day 10
{any guesses on what the little man is getting for christmas?}

Day 11
Kissing Under Mistletoe
{last year at the denver, co zoo}

Day 12
This is so much more than just a picture of boots as these boots have only been back in the house for a day! Happily I can say my husband is now home from deployment.  We did it! And to be by the Christmas tree just makes it all that much more important.  Of all the important events, milestones and holidays having missed our soldier with a happy heart I can say that Christmas is still not one of them.  The only thing that could be better than having our soldier home for Christmas would be to have all the men and women of the armed forces home with their loved ones this year...


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