03 March 2012

Trust Your Heart

It’s ok to trust your heart
Words. ( Explored ) by Rebeca Cygnus
Words. ( Explored ), originally uploaded by Rebeca Cygnus-
None of us needs instruction in how to recognize what your heart is saying. We do need guidance, however, on how to have the courage to follow those feelings, since they will force us to change our lives in any case.

But consider the consequences of not listening to the heart’s guidance: depression, confusion, and the wretched feeling that we are not on our life’s true path, but viewing it from a distance.
Caroline Myss

Sometimes I come across something I read or a song I hear and at that moment in my life I feel like it was written just for me...today it was this.  Some who read this know some of the details of my life, others who read this will not.  But regardless I want to share because like me, someone might stumble across it right at the very moment they need to.


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