02 December 2011

Roller Derby, Hockey and Golf...Oh My!

Is this what its come to?  A sick, sleepy little child to get me to slow down enough to sit and write a post? Its rare anymore that Aiden naps when he's home with me. I’m not quite sure yet what nasty little bug has invaded the little man, but it is just that. Nasty. And this comes after I was laid up earlier this week from falling at work. Yep, just like on the cartoons when they slip on a banana peel and both feet come up and they land right on their butt! It's always said that "bad" or unfortunate things happen in three's...well I'm thinking getting my car stuck in a ditch in the snow, the fall and now this, puts me at my limit! Not to mention these are just the major things I've dealt with lately...not to mention the rest. Ever heard the saying "Hug a Military Wife...or Buy Her Alcohol"? Well...it seems extremely fitting right now! I'll gladly take either one! Things haven't been all crap-tastic lately though, we've had some fun too!

I got out one night with some friends to a women's roller derby.  I had never been to one and it was an experience! I didnt completely understand the scoring system either, but it was fun.  The company I work for is one of the sponsors and we had a table right at the edge of the rink. 

{two of my co-workers and very good friends here...the other took the pic}

A couple times my boss has given me some Alaska Aces hockey tickets and I decided that I'd try to take Aiden to a game.  I used to love hockey, still do enjoy watching it very much but Adam's not a fan.  So I wasn't sure what Aiden was going to think, but I went knowing that if it was a total disaster we would just leave and maybe try again some other time.  At first he didn't know what to think about all the noise when a goal was scored, but then he got the hang of what was going on and would throw his hands up like everyone else! It made me happy to see him enjoy it as much as I do. We sat right on the glass and he stood most of the time so he could see the action, he was great about backing up when he thought they'd hit the glass.  He had so much fun...two periods were plenty for him though.  The third was just too much so we did leave early, but he's been talking about it and asking to go back to another game ever since.

 {i'm not sure what was going on, but clearly aiden and boomer are on the same page!}

{celebrating an aces goal}

There's a new place in town called Putters Wild, which is an indoor 3D blacklight mini golf place! So.Much.Fun. We got a coupon at the last Aces game we went to and I knew we'd have to go try it out. All 18 holes was a bit much for Aiden, but we will be going back.  Golfing with an orange or a red ball makes it so much more challenging since the ball looks like its about an inch off the ground! Aiden wasn't a big fan of wearing his 3D glasses, but after stumbling around on the first few holes it was probably safer that way anyway!

Hopefully we’ll be back to 100% health and having fun again, just in time for our soldier to be home.  We couldn’t ask for much more this Christmas than to be together as a family.  I’m certain God will not give me more than I can handle…although sometimes I question why he thinks I can handle all that I do?! Everyday, even the less than ideal ones, are a gift and not a given.  Happy Holidays :)


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