03 September 2011

DeCap ReCap

May I introduce to you, the DeCap ReCap Series

I could come up with a whoooole lot of excuses and reasons for why I haven’t been blogging, but none of them really matter. I just haven’t.  I don’t typically do a whole lot of broadcasting that the hubs has been deployed and for most of you that read this, you already know the details. 

yes, its blurry...
it was the best i could do while trying to hold myself together as i watched my son running to his daddy after being away from him for 6 mo.

But this week during our little family get-away the hubs noted that he checks our blog all the time and finds that I don’t keep up on ita little heartbreaking knowing that he checks in on us and finds nothing new? Yes. I do update facebook and we are so very lucky this time around for him to have a pretty reliable internet and to have almost daily skype communications but I do enjoy blogging and I wish I could keep up with it better.  So that’s the plan, along with all the other plans I have, to get caught up on this Alaskan Spring and Summer’s happeningsand to stay caught up. Luckily, I’ve had good intentions all along and I have plenty of pictures to share.  So although the task of getting them all posted seems daunting I not only want, but need to get it done!

And here we all are, after so many months apart

A little sneak peak of that little family get-away I already mentioned!

Much Love
 Em & The Boys 


  1. Woa, a reader!! lol I figured everyone gave up on me by now! :)

  2. LOVE IT!!!
    not to mention the sweet shirt your hubby has on ;)